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For several years, Elisabeth Pawelke has been teaching singing and voice training within her activities in various music schools. Her education as academic speech and voice therapist is an unique asset to her knowledge of speaking technique, speech formation, articulation and voice treatment in vocal pedagogy. For her singing lessons she received the quality certificate of the Bayerische Tonkünsterverband. She is a member of the Bundesverband Deutscher Gesangspädagogen (BDG), for which - within the Team BDG vor Ort - she organized advanced trainings for singing teachers and singers at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich as well as in the University Hospital of the Technical University Munich. At Dr Iris Eicher's practice she works as voice therapist, vocal coach as well as speech trainer. She is also a lecturer for singing as well as for voice and speech training at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich. She regularly gives courses and lectures on singing and voice science, historical harp, ensemble playing of early music as well as medieval music theory.

Lectures and Poster presentation: 

08/2022   Pan-European Voice Conference (PEVoC) at the Estonian Academy of Music Tallinn: Functional orientation in methodology and didactics in voice pedagogy at music schools. Lecture

09/2019       Chormesse Hannover Vocal Health and Vocal Hygiene at Choir Singing. Lecture and und Workshop

09/2018       European Congress for Voice Teachers - Eurovox 2018, YPP at the Royal Conservatory for Music The Hague. Effects of Choir Singing on Vocal Health. Lecture

06/2018        Symposium Art in Motion 2018 – Training for Creative Excellence at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich. Effects of Choir Singing on Vocal Health. Poster presentation

09/2016        11th International Stuttgart Voice Days at the State University of Music and the Performing Arts Stuttgart. In armonia favellare – Voice Ideal and Vocal Practice of the stile nuovo. Short lecture


02/2020 Pawelke, E.: Advanced training report at the event "Beautiful Voice - Beautiful Larynx?" In: BDG Intern of Vox Humana –Fachzeitschrift für Gesangspädagogik 16.1, Potsdam: BDG e. V., 11.

12/2019 Eicher, I.;  Pawelke, E.: Dahi, S.; Riedl, C.: Voice as Medium of Didactics. In: Sprachförderung und Sprachtherapie in Schule und Praxis 04/2019, Dortmund: Modernes Lernen, 195–201.

06/2018 Pawelke, E. (2018): Effects of Choir Singing on Vocal Health. Abstract. In: Symposium Program Art in Motion 2018  – Training for Creative Excellence, Munich: University for Music and Performing Arts Munich, 72.

02/2018 Pawelke, E. (2018): Effects of Choir Singing on Vocal Health. In: Vox Humana – Fachzeitschrift für Gesangspädagogik 14.1, Potsdam: BDG e. V., 8–9.

Vocal Advanced Training:

Master Class Baroque Singing: Dame Emma Kirkby/Forum Artium Osnabrück

Gestures for Singers: Sharon Weller/Richard Strauss Conservatoire Munich

Master Class Singing: Margreet Honig/State University of Music and the Performing Arts Stuttgart

Estill Voice Training Level One: Dr Stefanie Rummel/Institut Rummel Frankfurt

Estill Voice Training Level Two: Dorte Hyldstrup/Independant Music Centre Munich

Overtones and Formants - New Resonance Strategies in Singing Lessons: Wolfgang Saus/University of Music and Performing Arts Munich

Chants of Hildegard von Bingen: Maria Jonas/Monastery Michaelstein

The Visible Voice - Introduction into the Spectral Analysis of the Voice: Dr Donald G. Miller/Trossingen University of Music

Classical Indian Singing: Lakshmi Shankar/Academy of Music, Basle

The Estill Voice Training in Voice Therapy: Stefanie Kruse/Loguan Institute

Manual Body Therapy in the Functional-integral Voice Therapy: Sabine Gross-Jansen/State University of Music and the Performing Arts Stuttgart

Feldenkrais meets Linklater: Sylvie Polz and Markus Polz/Training Institute for Voice and Speech

Linklater Advanced Vocal Technique: Sylvie Polz/Training Institute for Voice and Speech

Presentation and Rhetoric: Materne/Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität/Munich

Communication Training: Materne/Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität/Munich

Voice in Balance: Evemarie Haupt/University of Music and Performing Arts Munich

Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) in Voice Therapy: Ellen Brandtstetter/Prolog Institute

Improvisational Theatre and Drama: Anne Hubert-Roth/Drama Workshop Munich

Alexander Technique: Alexander Herrmann/Artetonal School of Music

Functional Voice Training in Singing Lessons: Michael Heptner/Studio Equilibrium

Non-violent Communication: Andreas Schmidbauer/Akademie Blickwinkel 

Estill Voice Training Belting Course: Dr Stefanie Rummel/Institut Rummel Frankfurt

Dysphonia: Dr med. Karin Joussen and Dr med. Peter Hulin/Academic Singing Society Munich

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