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Elisabeth Pawelke is a research assistant in music education at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich. Since 2019, she has been a lecturer at this university and had a teaching position amongst others for singing and voice training in music education.
Before that, she worked as a singing teacher at music schools in and around Munich and as a professional manager and voice trainer in the voice and speech therapy practice Dr. Iris Eicher/Sherin Dahi. There she particularly looked after singers. The long-term senior physician at the musicians' outpatient clinic and head of phoniatrics and speech therapy at the Klinikum Rechts der Isar, Prof. Dr. Simone Graf, wrote about her work:

"Due to the convincing results of her work, I am happy to refer many of our patients, especially professional singers, to her on a regular basis."

Elisabeth Pawelke also regularly gives courses and lectures on singing and vocal studies, historical harp, early music ensemble playing and medieval music theory.

Lectures and Poster presentations: 

08/2023     Harp symposion in Göttingen: The harp in the Tristan manuscripts. Lecture

07/2023     Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference (MedRen) in the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities: Hartmann Schedel's songbook (BSB Cgm 810) and its significance for the transmission of early modern German-language repertoire. Poster presentation

08/2022   Pan-European Voice Conference (PEVoC) at the Estonian Academy of Music Tallinn: Functional orientation in methodology and didactics in voice pedagogy at music schools. Lecture

09/2019       Chormesse Hannover Vocal Health and Vocal Hygiene at Choir Singing. Lecture and und Workshop

09/2018       European Congress for Voice Teachers - Eurovox 2018, YPP at the Royal Conservatory for Music The Hague. Effects of Choir Singing on Vocal Health. Lecture

06/2018        Symposium Art in Motion 2018 – Training for Creative Excellence at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich. Effects of Choir Singing on Vocal Health. Poster presentation

09/2016        11th International Stuttgart Voice Days at the State University of Music and the Performing Arts Stuttgart. In armonia favellare – Voice Ideal and Vocal Practice of the stile nuovo. Short lecture


02/2020 Pawelke, E.: Advanced training report at the event "Beautiful Voice - Beautiful Larynx?" In: BDG Intern of Vox Humana –Fachzeitschrift für Gesangspädagogik 16.1, Potsdam: BDG e. V., 11.

12/2019 Eicher, I.;  Pawelke, E.: Dahi, S.; Riedl, C.: Voice as Medium of Didactics. In: Sprachförderung und Sprachtherapie in Schule und Praxis 04/2019, Dortmund: Modernes Lernen, 195–201.

02/2018 Pawelke, E. (2018): Effects of Choir Singing on Vocal Health. In: Vox Humana – Fachzeitschrift für Gesangspädagogik 14.1, Potsdam: BDG e. V., 8–9.

Vocal Advanced Training:

Master Class Baroque Singing: Dame Emma Kirkby/Forum Artium Osnabrück

Gestures for Singers: Sharon Weller/Richard Strauss Conservatoire Munich

Master Class Singing: Margreet Honig/State University of Music and the Performing Arts Stuttgart

Estill Voice Training Level One: Dr Stefanie Rummel/Institut Rummel Frankfurt

Estill Voice Training Level Two: Dorte Hyldstrup/Independant Music Centre Munich

Overtones and Formants - New Resonance Strategies in Singing Lessons: Wolfgang Saus/University of Music and Performing Arts Munich

Chants of Hildegard von Bingen: Maria Jonas/Monastery Michaelstein

The Visible Voice - Introduction into the Spectral Analysis of the Voice: Dr Donald G. Miller/Trossingen University of Music

Classical Indian Singing: Lakshmi Shankar/Academy of Music, Basle

The Estill Voice Training in Voice Therapy: Stefanie Kruse/Loguan Institute

Manual Body Therapy in the Functional-integral Voice Therapy: Sabine Gross-Jansen/State University of Music and the Performing Arts Stuttgart

Feldenkrais meets Linklater: Sylvie Polz and Markus Polz/Training Institute for Voice and Speech

Linklater Advanced Vocal Technique: Sylvie Polz/Training Institute for Voice and Speech

Presentation and Rhetoric: Materne/Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität/Munich

Communication Training: Materne/Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität/Munich

Voice in Balance: Evemarie Haupt/University of Music and Performing Arts Munich

Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) in Voice Therapy: Ellen Brandtstetter/Prolog Institute

Improvisational Theatre and Drama: Anne Hubert-Roth/Drama Workshop Munich

Alexander Technique: Alexander Herrmann/Artetonal School of Music

Functional Voice Training in Singing Lessons: Michael Heptner/Studio Equilibrium

Non-violent Communication: Andreas Schmidbauer/Akademie Blickwinkel 

Estill Voice Training Belting Course: Dr Stefanie Rummel/Institut Rummel Frankfurt

Dysphonia: Dr med. Karin Joussen and Dr med. Peter Hulin/Academic Singing Society Munich

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